Mixpay Anywhere
One click, global allocation
MIX Global Cash CARD
Blockchain Asset Private Banking Service
The Mix Card provides you with payment services for shopping, traveling, entertainment and other consumptions around the world. Every time you pay for a merchant who provides a bitcoin network overseas with this card, the system will automatically use them without any cash. Make payment safely, and your privacy are protected by law.
Mix · OTC
We provide OTC services for institutions and individuals who need to purchase cryptocurrencies, as well as customized services for clients with large orders. Mix OTC will provide you with a cautious, safe and highly competitive execution and settlement service, whether you want to trade in USD, RMB or Bitcoin.Secure payment for your electricity bills.
Collateral Lending
Lending platform with low fee
We have introduced collateral lending into the crypto market to provide a new option for asset owners and vitality for the digital asset market. With all-around control on cost and risk, users can get secure and quick financial support at low fee in Mixpay.
DeFI Mining
MIX·DeFi Mining
Mix manages customers' digital assets to achieve asset preservation and appreciation. Mix recently launched a DeFi wealth management product with easy operation and one-click mining. By using customers' digital assets on major DeFi platforms, it can obtain ultra-high returns. In the process, Mix has successfully achieved low risk / high profit through its capital advantage.