Mix DeFi Mining, Low Risk & High Profit!
Easy: DeFi mining selected to receive a higher profit
Safe: Mix pay the commission fee, return all principal after maturity
Flexible: Pay by ETH/USDT, 7-day investment cycle
Low threshold: Low starting amount, redeem principal at any time
DeFi selected
What’s DeFi Mining?
DeFi is the abbreviation of Decentralized Finance. Through smart contracts, it can go to third-party institutions and directly connect the two parties to conduct financial transactions, eliminating the waste of money and time costs caused by intermediate links. Liquidity mining refers to pledge funds of a certain currency (such as USDT, ETH, etc.) through certain rules to obtain free tokens, and obtain income by selling the tokens obtained from mining. Such as the very popular SUSHI, SAKE, UNI and other projects.
What are the advantages of participating in liquid mining at MIX?
By participating in DeFi mining in MIX, users can avoid high participation thresholds and commission fee costs, while reducing risks such as screening projects and process operation errors. MIX selects current DeFi mining projects with higher profits for users to participate in by purchasing shares, which is simple and convenient. At the same time, the mining income is visually displayed on the MIX App every day, and at the same time, it is flexible for a 7-day cycle. After the maturity, users can choose to continue the DeFi mining or transfer out. While benefiting, the liquidity of funds has been greatly improved.